Oil-Less Vacuum Pump


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  • Humanizing design: Low noise, Wear resistance.
  • Compact structure: Long life, low power consumption.
  • Fully oil-less: Non-pollution, free maintenance.
  • Whole vacuum pump body is made of plastic steel and aluminum alloy. 
  • Various precision elements are developed, designed and assembled through long-time test.
  • Each part is tested through strict quality control.
  • Adopt single & twin cylinder design. Horse power, flow and vacuum power available.
  • Low noise, Wear resistance, Non-pollution, Long life, Free maintenance, Low power consumption.
  • Motor adopts CNS standard E class design.
  • Condenser starting design with temperature control protective switch.
Model type : diaphragm type
Cylinder : twin
Voltage : 120v or 240V
Current : 0.3A or 0.15A
R.P.M : 1720
Poles : 4
Output : 90W, 1/8HP
Max. flow rate : 35 liters/min
Max. suction : 680~700 mmHg
Diameter : 1/8 PT
Size : L200 x W90 x H125 (mm)
Weight : 3.9 kg